mark union learning rep

"Getting involved in the Learning Centre has opened my eyes to adult learning"

"I've been a Union Learning Rep for two years. My main role is signposting the Learning Centre to postal workers and providing information on courses and facilities that we offer.

The lead Union Learning Rep is on full release, other reps get release as required. I'm a postman, working in processing and I get release from my duties to run the Learning Centre as and when required.

The Learning Centre has 26 PCs and 13 laptops, all with free internet access, and tables where staff can do there own work.

We have a matching time agreement with Royal Mail; for two hour classes, staff do one hour in their own time and one hour in the company's time. Staff can use the Centre in their breaks and their free time. The Sorting Office is open 24 hours a day and the Learning Centre is open 10.30am-6.30pm. There are evening classes and a night rep is on duty 1-4am.

There are a number of courses running at the Learning Centre: IT, literacy, numeracy and languages. College tutors deliver the courses and assessors come on-site to check the work or the work is sent to them. Learners give feedback through exit questionnaires. The classes are well attended.

Getting involved in the Learning Centre has opened my eyes to adult learning. It gives people the opportunity to recognise their own skills and develop new skills. It aids people's self-esteem and helps them understand their children's education too."

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