English Maths

Do you have a lot to offer, but think your English and maths might be letting you down? Here at CONEL, we have several courses to help you succeed.

From Entry Level to GCSE, our tutors will offer you one-to-one support to help you reach your goals, whether as part of an apprenticeship or vocational course, or as a standalone qualification.

Many of our students take their qualifications alongside their main courses to give them the skills they need to support their studies.

Whatever your English or maths level, we can help you to build the foundations for a promising future. 

Functional Skills English and maths equip learners with the practical, transferable skills, knowledge and understanding in order to progress and succeed in education, work and life.  Problem solving is at the heart of Functional Skills and the skills you will learn enable you to:

  • Apply your knowledge and understanding to everyday life, in the workplace and in other real life situations.
  • Engage competently and confidently with others
  • Solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations
    Develop personally and professionally

Our English and maths apprenticeships and courses

The School of English and Maths offers progression from Entry Level to GCSE. All our courses are taught with a variety of approaches in mind, designed to make your learning experience the best it can be.

We offer courses in the following areas:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Functional Skills

Benefits of studying English and maths at CONEL

Studying English or Maths at CONEL gives you:

  • Coaching sessions and half-term revision workshops to help you prepare for exams
  • Teaching on maths courses is praised by students as “very good”, thanks to our tutors’ ability to explain and illustrate topics in an engaging manner
  • Many students who have attained a grade C or above have secured university places

    Functional Skills are a mandatory element in apprenticeships as well as being stand-alone qualifications in their own right at Entry Level 1-3, Level 1 and Level 2.

    There are many reasons you may wish to embark on an English or maths course: entry into employment; career progression; career change; acceptance onto a vocational course; personal satisfaction; build your self-esteem or to help your child with their homework. Whatever the reason, come to CONEL to start your journey.

Success Stories

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Sheheryaar Ali

An exceptional student, Sheheryaar achieved a grade 4 in his GCSE English exam. Despite starting the course halfway through the year, he caught up incredibly quickly. He attended all workshops...

Shakira Mir Hassan

Shakira achieved a grade 6 in her GCSE despite English not being her first language. She showed a real dedication to learning and improving her writing skills, attending workshops and...

Malgorzata Ptak

Juggling her college and work commitments, Malgorzata successfully achieved her Functional Skills in English Level 2. She significantly improved her grammar and reading on the course, and her creative writing...

Joseph Larson

A hard working and committed student, Joseph put in a real effort to pass his GCSE English exam. His attendance was excellent and he attended all additional workshops to improve...

Matilda Ndreu

Matilda was an extremely dedicated and enthusiastic student in Functional Skills in English. She demonstrated strong language skills and showed a great attitude in all her work and commitments. Matilda...

Mehmet Serindag

Mehmet’s resilience and determination saw him achieve a Grade 6 in his GCSE English exam. He was extremely dedicated to his studies and keen to learn, attending every class where...

Rene Polak

A bright and hard-working student, Rene progressed from Functional Skills to pass his GCSE English. He attended every class and undertook extra study to ensure he attained a high grade...

Ali Karakil

Ali exceeded his own expectations and passed his English GCSE to enable him to gain a place at university. He attended every lesson and additional workshops on Saturday to ensure...

Bradley Cast

An exemplary student, Bradley achieved a high grade in his GCSE because of his hard work and determination during his studies. He attended every workshop and completed all his tasks...

Denis Berisha

Hard-working and committed, Denis achieved beyond expectations in his GCSE Maths. He made good progress in class with his mock exams improving each time resulting in him attaining a high...

What are the levels?





Audrey Lakeman

At my initial test it was clear to my teachers that I had strong potential but I needed to work on my English skills. I enrolled on Entry Level 1 for English and maths and progressed to Entry 2 and 3. - After doing well at English and Maths Functional Skills Level 2, she went on to take her GCSEs, she took the exam achieving a B.

Audrey Lakeman English and Maths Level 1

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Entry Level

This level will help you to develop general skills and improve your confidence if you do not have any experience or GCSEs. It will improve your basic reading, number skills and English language skills

What do I need?

Qualifications you can achieve:

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Level 1

This level will give you a good basic knowledge and understanding of the subject area. This level will develop your functional skills and give you some work experience.

What do I need?

Qualifications you can achieve:

Your next choices:


Level 2

This level will give you a deeper understanding of the subject area. This is a good level of education for employment and will improve your problem solving skills and increase your resourcefulness. This level is often the minimum requirement for employers.

What do I need?

Qualifications you can achieve:

Your next choices:


Level 3

This level gives you a thorough and developed understanding of the subject area. This level will give you experience in problem-solving, managing a workload and adapting your skills to achieve your objectives. This level is the minimum requirement when applying to universities and is the preferred requirement for most employers.

What do I need?

Qualifications you can achieve:

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Level 4 and Above

This level involves extensive studying and can help to make you a specialist in your field of learning or work.

What do I need?

Qualifications you can achieve:

Your next choices: