Enrolment is the process that allows you to register and officially become a student of CONEL. Come in and visit us to enrol at our centres in Tottenham or Enfield. Our buildings are COVID-secure, with social distancing and enhanced hygiene practices in place. We are open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3pm-6pm, and on Friday from 12pm-3pm. As part of our COVID-secure procedures, we ask that you please wear a face covering*, which fully covers your nose and mouth, when moving around our buildings.

Enrolment Documents

In order to enrol at CONEL, you will need to bring, or upload, certain documents to our Applicant Portal, as well as have an interview with one of our teachers. This allows us to check you are able to study with us, including things such as your residency and income documents, as well as exam results (depending on your chosen course). Once you’ve had your interview and your documents have been uploaded or checked, you’ll receive an email inviting you to enrol at CONEL – if you don’t get this email, please login to our Applicant Portal where you’ll be able to complete your enrolment.

We will be accepting your Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) for GCSE and A Level results this year.

Here you will find all of the information about residency and income documents:

We may also need to see your exam results, particularly if you are joining us after your GCSEs.

If you are an adult student (aged 19 or older) we will also need to check further documents, depending on the course you are looking to enrol on.

If you have any further queries, please contact us here!

*unless exempt as per the Government guidance for the wearing face coverings