Want to get a great job? Start with a Pre-Apprenticeship

Giving you the work and employability skills needed to gain a place on an Apprenticeship

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If you’re to take the first step in your career a pre-apprentice is a great place to start.

Pre-Apprenticeships are short courses that offer a fast-track to your chosen career. They are a stepping stone to apprenticeships and prepare you for work by giving you the skills and experience needed in your chosen industry in just three months.

Our Pre-Apprenticeships and what you can achieve:

Your Pre-Apprenticeship can lead to an Apprenticeship with top companies, including:

  • Accounting – ICAP, Grant Thornton, Eversheds
  • Rail Track Engineering Maintenance – VGC Group, Cleshar, Civil Rail Solutions

Entry requirements

You will need to complete an English and maths online test. Accountancy Pre-Apprenticeships require GCSE English and maths at grade C or above.

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If you would like to know more about Pre-Apprenticeships call 020 8442 3055.