The Students’ Union

All College learners are members of the Students’ Union. As a member of the Students’ Union you can vote for other members, called the Students’ Union Executive to represent you.  Elected posts include President, Welfare Officer, Finance Officer and so on. You are also welcome to stand as a member of the Executive and if elected you will gain valuable employability skills.  Students’ Union members receive discounts on many goods and services, using their NUS Extra Cards.

The Students’ Union Executive

The Students’ Union Executive is made up of a group of people who are elected to hold office for one year. They are elected by other learners. Just as politicians are elected by voters based on their speeches and writings as to what they will do in office - so are the officers of the Students’ Union. The people who want to stand for office make speeches at ‘hustings’, which are usually held during lunchtimes in the Cafes. Voting takes place over a week to give everyone enough time to take part.

What does the Students’ Union do?

Learner Representation: The Students’ Union helps to make sure there is good communication between College learners and managers. Learners can go to advice sessions each week to talk to the Students’ Union (SU) elected officers about any problems they may have. SU Officers also meet with Learner Representatives who are elected for each class and they meet with College managers at feedback forums. College managers can also communicate more easily with learners through the Students’ Union if there is something they need to make sure everyone knows about.

Clubs and Societies: The Students’ Union helps to set up student societies and activities including a weekly five-a-side football league at both centres, an entrepreneurs’ club and choir/ singing club at the Enfield Centre.

Campaigning: The SU organises Green Week activities, such as an information stall about sustainability and environmental issues and a lunchtime workshop on climate change. The SU promoted Health Week by giving out information to learners on ways to stay healthy and organised lunchtime workshops on healthy eating. 


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