If you are from a country outside the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA), you must obtain a student visa. The rules are complex and you should read the information on the UK Visas and Immigration website before applying.

To become a student at the College you will need to go through the following process:

Step 1: Apply for a course

• The course must be run by an approved education provider – the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London is an approved provider, licensed under the UK Visas and Immigration Tier 4 sponsorship scheme. Your Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) letter will contain the Capital City College Group's licence number.

• The College is offering sponsorship under Tier 4 General or Adult Student Visas – you must be aged 16 or over on 31 August 2019.

• The course must be at Level 3 or above on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Level 3 is equivalent to A Levels; for an explanation of levels of study see the further information section below.

• You must be studying for a minimum of 15 hours per week organised daytime study (daytime study is 8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday).

• You must show evidence of being able to pay for the course fee and sufficient income to live on while in the UK. Our international course fee for 2018 -19 is £5,116.00 for Level 3 courses. The amount of income required by UK Visas and Immigration if you are living in inner London is £1265 per month for each month of study.

• The courses that we offer are described on our website. Please note that we do not offer A Levels or English Language courses for international students.

• Your qualifications must meet the entry criteria for the course – these are included in the course description. You will need to provide copies of relevant qualifications with translations in English if necessary and a letter of comparability from the National Academic Recognition Centre (NARIC) at This will show the equivalence of your qualifications related to the National Qualification Framework in the UK.

• You will need to demonstrate that your level of written English meets the requirements in the course entry criteria. The minimum level required by UK Visas and Immigration is CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) Level B1.

• If all of the above are in place but you still need some impartial Information, Advice and Guidance on the right course for you, we will help you to make sure you are applying for the course best suited to your needs.

Step 2: We offer you a place on a course

We check the documentation you have sent us to make sure that you are meeting the UK Visas and Immigration requirements and the entry criteria for the course. If you have met these conditions and pay the full tuition fee, we will send you a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) letter.

Step 3: Get your Student Visa

To obtain a visa for entry clearance, ie permission to enter the UK as a student, you will need 40 points.

• Your Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) letter from the College counts as 30 points.

• Evidence of having sufficient income to pay the course fees and for maintenance counts as 10 points.

Check on the UK Visas and Immigration website where to apply for your student visa. If you are applying for a student visa from outside the UK, you should check with your local visa issuing post (also known as entry clearance post) to see how to apply in your country of residence.

Your student visa will have a start (valid from) and end (valid to) date. You will be able to plan when to enter the UK. The length of your visa must extend beyond the end date of your course.

Please note that the College does not provide accommodation for international students.

Step 4: Inform the College when you have your visa

When you have obtained your student visa, you must inform the College admissions office and we will write to you with details about your enrolment date and what you will need to bring with you when you enrol.

Step 5: Enrol at the College and pay fees

You must come in to College to enrol on the specified date and pay the total course fees at the start of your course.

The College is required to inform UK Visas and Immigration  of any international learners who have been given entry clearance, following the issue of a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies, and who do not enrol.

You are expected to attend your course regularly; the College will monitor your attendance and report to UK Visas and Immigration on your attendance.

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