Do you speak French? Would you like to learn this or another language? Well, now is the perfect opportunity to learn or brush up your language skills.

Now that the clocks have changed and the season we all love is fast approaching, many of us are looking forward to travel and sun, sea and sand! So, learn to speak a new language before the end of the summer and go practice your language skills in Spain, Italy, France and Turkey.

CONEL is currently offering 6 week short language courses in Spanish, French, Italian and Turkish, at various levels:

Beginner - for those new to the language
Improver - for those wanting to improve on their basic skills
Conversation - for those who want to concentrate on speaking the language

The courses are held at various times, including evenings and Saturdays, at the Tottenham Centre on Tottenham High Road. Prices start at just 10 pound, so they won't break the bank, and there is no pressure of exams.

These are courses definitely worth taking , says Barry Oakes, a mature student at CONEL who started out with little knowledge of the language but is now on the AS/A level stage of the French course. I joined purely out of interest and to be able to help my young daughter who was starting to learn French as a second language. Now I am able to help my daughter with her homework. Plus I can spend some time chatting with my French neighbour!

The beginner classes start on 8 June and run to 15 July on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The improvers classes start on 22 April and run to 27 May for one evening a week. Finally, the conversation classes, which are held on a Saturday, start on 11 June and run to 17 July.

For more information about course times and availability, please contact our Information Hotline on: 020 8442 3055 or visit