The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London was pleased to support an initiative commissioned by the Haringey Community Panel and supported by Haringey Council to get learners talking together about the Tottenham Riots, this week (Weds 19 October, 2011). Led by facilitators from The Young Foundation, a centre for social research and innovation, findings from what the thirty young people had to say will be reported back to the Haringey Community Panel.

College learners took part in activities, such as the 'agree/disagree game', where participants run from one side of the room to the other depending on what their opinion is. 

When asked about how they feel after the riots, one learner remarked that she felt safer because she was often out late at night and now saw more police on the streets. Most participants expressed that they did not see their futures in Tottenham or London due to concerns about employment and the economic health of the area.

Later the learners broke into groups to discuss issues in more detail.  They looked at maps of the borough and marked where they thought the dangerous and safe areas were.

Jermaine Thomas, who has completed Applied Science BTEC Level 3 with the College, said: “I liked that the discussion was so open and we were able to talk about things honestly in the way we really feel.  I hope the report that is produced makes a big difference for the future.”
Jermaine will start an ICT course at the College in January.

Hani Gue, who has completed Uniformed Services BTEC Level 3, said: “We were given space to put our point of view and we were able to hear other people’s viewpoints too in an open discussion. ” Hani is now studying Law and Criminology at City University.

Nina Mguni, Senior Associate at the Young Foundation, said: “The Young Foundation, on behalf of the Community Panel,  has been reaching out to Haringey residents of all ages and backgrounds to give local people a chance to have their say and to hear from others. The wealth of opinion  has been invaluable and we will present our report to the Community Panel in early November.”

The College has been involved in other community work following the riots and hosted a large public meeting of the Haringey and Police Consultative Group attended by up to 250 local residents in September.

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