A student at the College of North East London (CONEL) is breaking new ground with her innovative and amazing hair extensions.

Karina Fedko, 24 and originally from Austria, creates living works of art by intertwining model's hair with weaves, cloth, wire and all manner of unusual objects. "I see my work principally as art" she explains, "It's not meant to be functional. I want to push boundaries. But some of my pieces can be extreme and wearable at the same time."

The talented student is also skilled in everyday hairdressing thanks to her study at the College. She started on the Level 2 National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in Hairdressing after working for a while as an assistant at a Camden Hairdressers when she came over to England three and a half years ago. Karina then progressed to Level 3 last September as she wanted to "know everything, complete what I started and become a qualified hairdresser."

Karinas ambitions dont stop there though. She is also working hard in CONEL's Fashion and Photographic Make Up evening course and even started a photography course at the College but was unfortunately unable to fit that in. She continues to teach herself however and is adamant about taking her own photographs of her work, "I know how I want the image to look in my head" she insists.

Her voracity for learning new skills is not just about being able to control every aspect of her portfolio. Karina wants to ultimately link many creative mediums together so that she can independently produce revolutionary pieces. Her next step is to wait and see if she has secured a place on the BA Technical Effects for Performing Arts degree course at the London College of Fashion. "Its fantastic, you can learn how to make creature costumes, animatronics, puppet... I went along and they were making a horse entirely from polystyrene. There are no limits!" And she had previously thought she would never go to University as it was too conventional...

Well keep our fingers crossed for you Karina.

Note to editors:

To find out more about CONELs hairdressing and make up courses please call our course information hotline on 020 8442 3055.