When couples view a rosy future together, its rare for them to envisage one that involves grips, wrenches and waste pipes.

But not true romantics Daniel Morley and Louise Thomas. Theirs is a really sweet tale of meeting as youngsters aged 16 and 14 at Alexandra Palace Ice Skating Rink.

Seven years on, they still do everything together and that includes signing themselves up to do a plumbing qualification at The College of North East London.

Daniel, 22, and Louise, 23, are taking advantage of the opportunity to do an industry-standard NVQ in Plumbing as part of CONELs CollegeXtra programme that runs vocational courses outside of normal working hours.

Course lecturer Graham Goodall was blissfully unaware that the pair knew each other until they started sharing sandwiches during the lunch break.

I didnt even realise they knew each other at first. I just thought it was nice that the two of them were getting on so famously, having a chat and a laugh.

It wasnt until she started handing him sandwiches that I realised they were actually a couple. Its so unusual to have a pair like that doing a course together, let alone a plumbing course!

But part-time gardener Daniel says the course is intended to secure their financial future. The couple have plans to get married and want to become a husband and wife working team.

When we are finished, we are going to go into business together. Were going to buy a van and be a partnership in more ways than one!

Louise agrees. Although shes the only girl in the class, she says everyone gets on very well. I love it here. They tease me a bit but I dont mind at all, its all good fun.

I think CONEL is marvellous. We were both really nervous about coming here to do the course but its been brilliant and we are going to carry it all the way through going on to do the Corgi Registration.

We have both been to different colleges before but they are nothing compared to this one. We have been made to feel really welcome and its really building our confidence up.

We cant wait until we qualify. I think well make a great plumbing partnership!

To find out more about CollegeXtra at CONEL, call the Course Information Hotline on 020 8442 3055 and ask for a brochure. We offer taster courses and full programmes taking place at weekends and during the summer.


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