When BBC1s Heaven and Earth Show were looking for contributors for a short series of films who hoped to change their inner life as well as their lifestyle in the New Year, Jen Summers answered the call.

Jen, Communications Officer at CONEL (the College of North East London), often sat at her desk with not just one pack but many packs of Jaffa Cakes that she would munch throughout the day. She was a sugar-a-holic! She didnt participate in any exercise or drink any water either and was feeling pretty run down and bad about herself. So when she saw the ad in CONELs weekly staff newsletter she decided that this could be what she was looking for.

Jen contacted the BBC who then introduced her to a specialist fitness trainer who tailored a programme to her exact needs, set realistic goals, encouraged her, monitored her progress and cracked down on any slacking. The intensive schedule included a holistic approach to exercise and alternative therapies and treatments too.

Jen agreed to be filmed at home and at work (at least once a week during January) and appear in live studio interviews alongside her mentor. Jen promised to keep to the fitness regime and has since lost weight and feels that she has a better balance in life, "I feel a lot clearer, calmer and more able to concentrate at work. I will definitely carry on looking after myself as I feel so much better."

If you would like to see the new transformed Jen, why not tune into BBC1s Heaven and Earth show on Sunday 30 January at 10:30am.

Well done Jen, keep up the good work.

Photograph: Jen before her lifestyle change.


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