Hero student Verral Walcott stopped a fleeing street robber in his tracks with a well-timed neckhold.

Amazingly, the victim of the crime turned out to be Verrals college lecturer, IT tutor Rosalind Abidde.

Rosalind, who also teaches Health Studies, had only just started working at The College of North East London, and had taken 16 year old Verral, for only one tutorial.

It was just coincidence that the pair were walking down the same street last Thursday, (April 3), when Rosalind popped into a food store on Philip Lane, Tottenham, to get some money out of the shops indoor cash machine.

I had just got 30 out of the machine when this man appeared from nowhere and snatched it out of my hand, said Rosalind, who lives off Philip Lane.

I was so shocked. I followed the man back into the street and yelled: Stop him! The next thing I knew Verral had hold of him by the neck!

It was just a normal day, says Verral, taking up the story. I was waiting at the bus stop and I saw this guy running out of the store then Rosalind came after him, shouting: Hes stolen my money!

I just grabbed him around the neck and held onto him.

Rosalind continued: It all happened so fast. The robber didnt have a chance. Then I came along and grabbed him by the shirt collar and marched him back to the shop. He was too shocked to fight back.

The shop owners had already called the police, who turned up two minutes later and arrested the would-be thief. It was only then that Rosalind had the chance to thank her saviour.

Without Verral, that man would have got away with it. Hes a hero. I dont know how to thank him enough. It was wonderful that he stood up to a robber like that without any thought for himself.

She explained that her own reaction came about through sheer anger. It was the third time she had been mugged only this time it was different, thanks to her hero student.

Verral was also admiring of the way his teacher dealt with the mugger after the event. When I told everyone in my class what had happened, they couldnt believe she was capable of it!


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