Performing Arts students from the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London have been onstage throughout the week presenting three performances a day of Harold Pinter’s ‘One for the Road’. Sending out a strong message about human rights abuses, the one-act 45-minute play, is as relevant today as when it was written more than two decades ago.

Over three days, alternative cast members from the Performing Arts (Acting) Diploma BTEC Level 3, played the parts of prisoners; a husband, wife, their child - and the chilling interrogator each one of them faced.
Dramatic back projection set the context for real life infamous prisons worldwide, such as Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, intercut with video art of the performance and players.
Set in the interrogation room, it is the tension the abuser creates and the threat of violence taking place offstage which is so terrifying.  Daniel Nicholson-Porter, who played the sophisticated, well-educated torturer, said: “I had a wonderful experience as an actor developing the character for this meaty role and I worked closely with my fellow actors so that we could choreograph every flinch, every shiver.”
Jasmeen James played Gila, Victor, her husband was played by Reade Mulvany and Safiye Tatli played their child, Nicky. Each agreed the roles helped them to develop as actors. They had few lines to speak which enabled them to portray their characters through expressions and movements.  The interrogator does almost all of the talking.
Tutor, Mark Spillane, said: “Each of the learners gave outstanding performances. They not only rose to the challenge but raised the bar for dramatic arts at the College .”

Students from the College’s Theatrical Media Make-Up  Diploma VTCT Level 3 created the realistic and disturbing wounds and bruises borne by the prisoners.

The full cast of ‘One for the Road’ included: Zoltan Meszaros, Darran Greenwood , Marlena Jadkowska, Morissa (Zoey) Cole , Paulo Ferreira-Gomes, Sofia Indanhe, Jasmeen James, Chaunte Hyden, Reade Mulvany, Daniel Nicholson-Porter and Safiye Tatli. 

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