The College held its second round of Parents' Evenings for the academic year on March 25 at both the Tottenham Centre and Enfield Centre.

Almost 400 people attended the evening at Tottenham, with parents and carers interested to hear how students were coping with their studies.

It was roughly double the number of attendees compared to years past and demonstrates a growing involvement with parents and carers.

Public Services (Level 3) student Hani Gue said he thought the evenings were a good way for parents to listen to feedback and also meet face-to-face with teaching staff.

The College has always involved parents and carers in the learning of young people and Vice-Principal, Jane O'Neill, said the College welcomed visits right throughout the year – not just during these special evenings.

"It's essential for the College to work in partnership with parents and carers in ensuring students are getting a first class learning experience and that they are making the most out of it.

"At Parents' Evenings, families can find out how their children are doing and how to support them better. They can also find out about courses they might like to enrol in too!

"It's a great way to make sure we have good communication with out learners' families and that we are meeting their individual learning needs," she said.

Another student Ayeesha Francis-Perry (ICT Level 2) brought along her grandmother Sylvia Francis to the Tottenham Centre.

Sylvia said she was interested in meeting her granddaughter's tutors.

"It's nice to have the opportunity to chat to teachers and check on Ayeesha's progress," she said.

Parents' Evenings usually take place in March and December.