Some bank employees have been getting a bad press lately but four caring hairy bankers from Barclays’ Stamford Hill branch showed that they have hearts of gold. They teamed up with CONEL’s beauty team on October 15th and underwent leg or back waxing treatments to remove unwanted hair – and raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Frank Aliberti, Dean Sherwin and Matthew Hanshaw chose to have their legs waxed, while Jonathan Samuel suffered more pain for a smooth and hairless back.

They are taking part in Barclays Bank London North Region’s charity drive to raise £160,000 to fund a lead chemotherapy nurse. Initial donations from staff and customers reached £220 but the four were counting on this figure rising, as they pull in sponsorship and additional contributions from customers, families and friends. Barclays Bank matches every pound they raise, so their total for Macmillan will be doubled.

Branch manager Frank Aliberti is the Bank’s community champion for North London and decided to lead from the front when a female colleague thought up the whacky waxing stunt for her male co-workers. “Dean was the first to go for it, so we decided to give it a go,” says Frank. “I contacted four local beauty salons but each of them flatly refused to do any waxing on men.”

Frank then contacted Anna Salousti, a lecturer in beauty at CONEL. “Anna was more than happy to help us and she even brought everything down to the branch to wax us, so that our customers could see what we were doing to raise the money,” he explains. “Staff members wanted to rip a strip off us and see our facial expressions to know how much it hurt us – they were willing to donate a fiver for that!” Meanwhile customers were making donations but were less keen to have a go at the hands-on waxing.

Anna invited the four bankers to CONEL’s state-of-the-art salon, where they completed the treatment in more salubrious surroundings. Mortgage adviser Jonathan Samuel said, “I’ve always wanted to have my back done but it was really painful, more so than I’d expected. But it puts everything into perspective – a few minutes pain makes you reflect on how much people suffer in their lives and we were just doing it for ten minutes and for charity.” “And some people suffer pain throughout their whole lives,” added Matthew, “We did it out of choice – cancer affects so many people.” “Not too bad,” is Dean’s verdict on the discomfort of leg-waxing, “It created a real buzz in the branch but some of the customers were a bit shocked to see staff’s legs on show – especially as we’re all men.”

Anna Salousti and fellow beauty lecturer, Amy Frankland, along with students, Jennifer Marin and Caroline Thuo, were pleased to come to the aid of the caring hairy bankers. “They were impressed with our facilities at the salon and happy that we were able to help them to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support,” Anna says. “They took away our price-lists for treatments to share with friends and families, as they can get such a good service at great value here. Treatments are all carried out by students like Jennifer and Caroline, who are highly skilled and at an advanced stage of their training.”

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