New Students' Union Welfare Officer Shakeria Daley has big plans for the College’s learners this year – and as a budding nutritionist she has her eyes set on solving the country’s obesity problem too.

Shakeria, who is studying a National Diploma in Applied Science and A-Level maths at our Enfield centre, has a keen interest in nutrition and would eventually like to go on to study at university and work as a dietician, helping people to eat well and stay healthy. But for the meantime, it is the welfare of our students that she has at heart. As a member of the Students' Union of the newly merged College, representing more than 20,000 learners, she certainly has plenty of food for thought.  

Shakeria sees the diversity of the merged College’s learner population as a very positive thing. “It’s been good for both sets of learners to meet each other. I hope the Students' Union can lead the College as a whole in bringing everyone together – and eventually contribute to improving relations betweenall of the young people in each area. That’s why I’d love to see exchange visits for learners from different centres and courses to get a taste of each other’s lives.”

Explaining why she ran for election to the Students' Union, Shakeria said: “I think the Union can really make a difference – we’re keen to get our ideas to the people who really matter, and we know the College is going to listen seriously to us.”

“When I was campaigning for election, I met some learners who asked ‘what’s the point?’ and I really enjoyed the challenge of talking them around to see that we can get our voice heard. I want to help make the Union as approachable and inclusive as possible.”

Issues that Shakeria has already looked into include the choice and price of food in the College’s canteens. Another project close to her heart is to arrange visits from ex-offenders and youth workers to speak to learners about issues around crime and drugs use in their communities.

Many of the Students' Union's officers study at our Enfield centre. Karlene Sutherland, a member of the College’s Learner Enrichment team said: “people have really engaged with our Students' Union – we had over 600 votes in the election, the most we’ve ever had. It’s brilliant that learners from our Enfield site have done so well in the elections, and they’re very keen to work across both sites to bring learners together and help the learners to get their voices heard.”

“We’re already planning lots of events to bring the learners from both sites together. The Students' Union representatives are so full of ideas, it’s great. We’ve talked about having a table tennis competition, a spelling bee, and even a Question Time event where the learners can find out what the reps think about important issues.”

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