Ten Level 2 learners at the College of North East London (CONEL) are soon to embark on an educational trip to the United States of America. This trip is a part of the Colleges curriculum and learning enrichment programme, which allows learners to enhance their learning outside of the classroom. This should inspire them to take their education further and much more seriously, by giving them an extra dimension to their work and motivating them.

This trip is a result of an Exchange Scheme the College has established with a number of Upward Bound student programmes located in universities throughout the United States e.g. New York, Florida and SanDiego. The trip will offer the learners an opportunity to spend two weeks at three of the exchange partners summer camps.

The Upward Bound project is the oldest Federal funded project in the United States of America. It provides 17-19 year olds, who are on low incomes and first generation students support to attend University.

The exchange programme is designed to celebrate the effort and achievement of the learners and encourage them to aspire to excellence. The trip will provide a unique experience, and benefit the selected students giving them the opportunity to meet and interact with their American peers. It will also enable them to actively participate in a well-respected summer Enrichment programme, focusing on academic exploration, as well as the development of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Also during the visit the learners hope to establish an e-mail pen pal relationship with learners from the host programmes. The aim of this is to share accomplishments and experiences with a pen pal which would be beneficial to them beyond the initial excitement of making an overseas friend. This will also help to provide an opportunity for them to learn about the American Education Sector with related study opportunities and scholarships.

These lucky learners were chosen on very strict criteria:
Learners who have consistently worked extremely hard and have shown excellent attendance, motivation and a positive approach to studies.
Learners who have made a significant improvement in terms of attitude towards their studies such as improvement in punctuality, attendance, behaviour, meeting coursework deadlines and a motivation to succeed.
Learners who have made a positive contribution to their school or the college as a whole by being a team player, or taking part in voluntary extra curricular work within the school or college.

They were also set tasks- like researching the places they will be visiting as well as Haringey and England. This enriched their knowledge of both their homeland and their destination, which they can share with their hosts.

Howard Jeffrey, Head of Curriculum and Learning Enrichment, who planned the trip and will be travelling with the learners says, this is a great opportunity for CONEL and the learners. It will give the learners an experience outside of their curriculum and allows the college to invest in its future torch bearers.

The trip will last for ten days. The places they will be visiting are; Fordham University in New York, Rutgers University in New Brunswick and Wesleyan University in Connecticut. The learners are hoping that this will be a fun filled experience for them, and one that will increase their knowledge and prove beneficial in the longer term.


Note to Editors:

1. First generation students are students from families where no family member has ever been to University. In most cases, parents have no higher education experience, do not understand the postsecondary process and do not necessarily value a higher education
2. For more information on the Enrichment Programmes at CONEL please call Howard Jeffrey on 020 8442 3102
3. For more information on courses offered and programmes in CONEL, please telephone the course information hotline on 020 8442 3055. Or you can go to www.conel.ac.uk
4. For more information on the Upward Bound Projects and its opportunities please visit www.trioprograms.org
5. The trip starts on Wednesday 30 June.
6. From left to right in the attached photo are: Sophie Stockman, Learning Mentor at the College and also accompanying the learners on this trip, next to her is Howard Jeffrey and on the extreme right is Cathy Walsh, vice principal of the College, surrounded by the learners going on the trip.

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