Students and staff from the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London invited guests to the Tottenham Centre today (23 March) to celebrate the Kurdish New Year.

The College celebrated with a traditional folk band and lots of Halay – the traditional dance.

Students came together and joined in the festivities watching and joining in the traditional dance, which allows as many people as possible to hold hands and dance with their feet.

Ceren Bilgili, who moved from Turkey as a child, was happy to see the New Year being celebrated. She said: “I’m so glad the College has organised this event. I’ve been celebrating with family and friends all week but it’s nice to come to College and celebrate with your teachers and friends who may not know much about your culture.”

She added: “Being Kurdish and carrying on the tradition is very important to me, especially with all the issues that are happening across the world. Today was a good day and it makes me proud to be in a College that celebrates all races and cultures equally.”

Enrichment Manager, Anthony Robinson, said: “It’s important for our students to learn about the various cultures that help make our College what it is today. This event was a good way for students to experience another culture.”

Also known as Newroz, the festivities are considered the start of the New Year in Iran, and the most important festival in Kurdish culture.

A similar event will run at the College’s Enfield Centre on 27 March.