Music Technology students at the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London sampled Indian melodies and rhythms earlier this month when they took part in a workshop as part of their course.

The students, all in the final year of their Music Technology Level 3, took part in the workshop, which allowed them to experience Indian music as a part of their unit ‘Studying Music from Around the World’. 

The students collectively sang several North Indian scales and counted a popular Indian classical rhythm while speaking the ‘bols’ (vocal mnemonics imitating the sounds of different drum strokes).

They also took turns trying out the different Indian instruments that had been demonstrated by the tutor, such as:  the ‘harmonium’ (a keyboard instrument popularly used for accompanying singing), the ‘tanpura’ (a stringed instrument used for both singing and instrumental accompaniment), and the ‘khol’ (a barrel shaped double headed drum used in Bengal and surrounding states in India).

Twenty year old Misbah Farooq who joined the course in 2010 was pleased she got to take part in the workshops, saying: “The instruments were funny, awkward or fun depending on how you played them. It was a really interesting workshop, and always good to experience music from other parts of the world.”

Music Lecturer, Anthony Barker, said: “We focus on World Music as part of this module and often invite in guest musicians. The students were enthusiastic, paying particular attention to the use of polyrhythms—a technique where two different musical time signatures are performed simultaneously.”

He added: “It says something about the level of understanding of the students that they were able to appreciate such a subtle thing, which would perhaps go over the head of an ordinary listener.  All-in-all, this turned out to be a successful event and a display of the diverse elements of the College’s creative department.”

Music Technology is one of many creative courses studied at the College. For further information on creative courses, visit: or attend our October Open Day on 20 October at the Enfield Centre. 

The open day runs from 4pm until 7.30pm and allow visitors to demonstrate various activities.

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