dna medium

The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London is running a pilot scheme with a selection of top players from the Football Squad to test their predisposition to exercise, injury, recovery and nutrition. Run by The Breakthrough Project using  cutting edge DNA technology the College will be able to help athletes understand their bodies make up in order to maximise their potential.

The technology works by taking DNA samples using mouth swabs from each player. These are sent off to a laboratory. The results show what types of exercise the individuals are predisposed to, such as power training or endurance work, as well as their genetic risk of injury, recovery times needed between workouts and the best nutrition for optimal performance. Depending on the results, participants will receive a personalised nutrition and training programme. The opportunity to take part will be available to all College learners in sports teams from September 2015. 

Managing Director of The Breakthrough Project, Jamie Colkett said, “Each player has entered a football-specific training programme with us and will receive dietary guidance via our Sports Nutritionist to complement that programme. The genetic analysis allows us to remove much of the guesswork and trial and error from the players' schedule at a vital period of their development. Obviously, this is a very new angle of approach for fitness training, and is only now filtering down from elite sport to general population access.”
Sport BTEC Diploma Level 3 learner Olly York is currently participating in the pilot scheme. He said, “It’s a really refreshing form of training and different to anything I’ve seen done before. We are getting the same level of technology and expertise that professional athletes use. I’m finding ways of using my body that I didn’t know existed.”

The Breakthrough Project is a cutting-edge health and fitness company specialising in DNA-based, sports specific strength and conditioning for aspiring young sports people and professionals seeking new contracts or sponsorship. They provide a structured schedule where the athlete can increase performance levels through enhanced physicality and knowledge. This comes about via the activation and strengthening of quiescent motor patterns, improved nutritional education leading to informed choices, and the confidence that physical enhancement brings forth. Each element fuses to form a great foundation for performance.
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