wahad medWahdatullah Jabarkheil - pictured on the right with friends Jamal and Haneen celebrates a great maths result

Students and staff at the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London are celebrating today after their students excelled in this year’s English and Maths GCSE exams.

Over 1100 students took these exams this year. 529 students sat for their English GCSE and 577 for their Maths GCSE.  All of the students were resitting the exams to improve on the grades they achieved at school.

42% of CONEL students achieved A* - C grades in their English GCSEs, a more than ten per cent improvement on last year’s result which stood at 31%.

The National average for students achieving A* - C grades in English re-sits at GCSE in 2014 was 32.3%.

40% of CONEL students achieved A* - C grades in their Maths GCSEs with 1 in 5 students achieving an A* or A.

As a comparison, the National average for students achieving A* - C grades in Maths re-sits at GCSE in 2014 was 35.4%

Information and data relating to National Averages for re-sits in 2015 is not yet available.

Andy Forbes, College Principal, said: “This just shows what you can achieve if you have the determination to succeed. Most of our students come to College without having achieved high grades in English and Maths GCSEs at school. Our teachers get them back on track and the results speak for themselves. The national figures show how difficult it is to do well at GCSE re-sits and I’m really proud of what the students and staff have achieved.”

saema cropped copy copySaema Hanif, achieved an A in her Maths GCSE and a Merit in Science Level 2, her main qualification. Saema said: “I’m so happy with my results, all the hard work has paid off! I’m not going to stop here; I’m going to continue my studies on Science Level 3 here at CONEL. I like the environment here, I feel comfortable and the teachers are fantastic. They really pushed me to get the results I got today.”

sonia cropped

 Sonia Agyemang was in high spirits today after receiving an A in her Maths GCSE and a B in English.  Sonia said “I’m absolutely thrilled with my results, I worked so hard and I’m glad it has paid off. The teachers really kept me motivated all the way through the course and I would recommend anyone looking to re-take their GCSEs that they do it here at CONEL”. Sonia was also celebrating her triple distinction in Applied Science Level 3. Sonia is going to Southampton University in September to study for a degree in Pharmacy.


 Aya Ibrahim was also over the moon today after collecting her A in her Maths GCSE. Aya who recently completed her Science BTEC Level 1 with the College, said: “I’m just so happy at my result and I can’t thank my teachers enough for all their help and support. I’m now looking forward to tackling my GCSE English next year”. Aya will start her Science BTEC Level 2 with CONEL in September while also studying for her GCSE English.

Siyan Chen, another high achiever received an A* in Maths.  Siyan said: “I’m proud of myself for getting an A*. I’m so happy I choose to do the GCSE here with my main course at CONEL. The teachers were very helpful and supportive and their teaching styles are great.” Siyan will be going on to study Applied Science BTEC Level 2 at CONEL in September.

wahad croppedWahdatullah Jabarkheil (pictured on the right with friends Jamal and Haneen) achieved a B grade in his GCSE Maths and was excited to say: “Without the support and help I got from my teacher I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this.” Wahdatullah has also just completed his Science Extended Diploma Level 2 and in September he will be starting his Science Diploma Extended Level 3 and plans to go on to university to study pharmacy.

Kody Thompson, was celebrating today with his C in Maths, which he said he achieved through great support from his teacher.  Kody went on to say: “My teacher kept me motivated, and encouraged me to try my hardest at completing the course and getting the best grade I could. I am really happy with my C as I struggle with maths.” Kody recently also completed his ICT Extended Diploma BTEC Level 3 at the college and achieved a triple distinction grade (DDD) and is now looking forward to studying Computer Science at Greenwich University, starting this September.

Richard Agyemon was another happy student when he received his C grade in Maths.  Richard attributes his pass grade to his teacher:  “My teacher really helped me achieve this grade. I was struggling a lot in my personal life and thought I might have to drop the course and focus on my ICT Extended Diploma, however, my teacher supported me, encouraged me not to quit and helped me create a study plan to get the grade.” Richard has also just completed his ICT Extended Diploma with CONEL and he achieved a triple merit grade (MMM).

Abena Agyeina  was celebrating her A in English today.  Abena said of her grade: “I’m overwhelmed at getting an A, I really wanted an A and I worked so hard to get it, then when I got the grade I just didn’t know what to do. My teachers really pushed me to get the best grade I could and they were there helping me the whole time along the way.” Abena will be going on to study Health and Social Care Level 2 with CONEL in September.

nazma croppedNazma Rahman who received an A in English today, was ecstatic with her result. Nazma said: “When I started the GCSE course last September I was worried that I wouldn’t do well, but my teachers really helped me and built up my confidence. When it came to taking the exam I was very well prepared thanks to all the help my teachers gave me.”

eunice cropped

 Eunice Baah was celebrating her B in English today after nearly dropping out of the course. Eunice found it difficult to balance the GCSE English with her Child Care Level 1 and Functional Skills courses. Eunice said: “When I started the course, I was juggling many different things, both in my personal life and my academic one. However, my teacher encouraged me not to quit, helped me develop a study plan and motivated me to stay on the course. She is a fantastic teacher who really prepared me for all the course and exam had to throw at me”. Eunice is starting her Child Care Level 2 in September at CONEL, as well as her Maths GCSE.

musa croppedMusu Wright celebrated her A in her English GCSE today which she attributed to the excellent teaching she received at CONEL. Musu said: “My teacher was so helpful, she really motivated me and made the course fun and enjoyable. If anyone wants to do their GCSE English I would highly recommend that they do it here at CONEL”.  Musu will be going on to study for a degree in Business Law at London Southbank University in September.

 Principal, Andy Forbes said: “English and maths skills are a corner stone of the College strategy to improve the life chances of its community. Achieving a grade A*-C in these subjects is the gateway for access to good jobs, higher education and Apprenticeships. My message to everyone who gets a disappointing result is: don’t give up. Come to college and we’ll help you get the results you need – not just in your vocational subject but in maths and English too.”

Notes to editors:

  • For more information or to arrange interviews with the Principal, head of curriculum or students, contact Sadiya Hogg
  • Maths and English re-sits: Students at CONEL re-sit Maths and English GCSEs to try to get a better grade than they achieved at school. CONEL students significantly outperform the national average in obtaining the higher A* - C grades in their GCSEs. From this coming academic year (2015-16) all 16 – 18 years olds will need to retake their Maths and English GCSEs if they achieved a grade “D”. For university entrance, for Apprenticeships and for many jobs candidates need to have achieved a minimum of Grade C in Maths and English.
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