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Friends of the Earth visited a Science Level 2 group at CONEL College today to talk about divestment – an initiative to get organisations to redirect funds away from fossil fuels.  They talked to the class about the issues behind divestment – what’s causing climate change, what’s happening in the United Nations climate change conference right now.  They also talked about what people can do themselves in terms of making their homes and how they travel more energy efficient.

Student Simran Kasba (pictured) said “The session was interesting, and I learnt a lot about the earth”.  Class tutor David Dane said “I think the session was extremely successful and raised a lot of issues that perhaps people were not as aware about as they should have been. For example the business about investing in fossil fuels that I think will be a big important issue that will keep coming back to us in the future, as well as the whole issue of climate change.” 

Quentin Given, our local coordinator of Friends of the Earth led the session.  He said “There’s a growing movement around the world asking organisations, local councils, universities and churches to take their money out of the fossil fuels that are causing climate change, particularly from coal and oil and tar sands.  In this country many organisations have already agreed to take their pension funds out of these things and in Haringey we’re asking the council to follow suit.  The council is already doing a lot and it’s committed to doing things about climate change, however if it still invests in fossil fuels it is fuelling climate change. The pension committee is meeting in January to decide whether to take the money out of fossil fuels.  We’ve been running a petition and have over 2,300 people in Haringey who have signed it so we will see what happens.” 


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