MCE 1 copy copyHanishta Hurrynundon, Pamela Dheer, Laila Hassanzadeh, Ann Atkin and Azize Asan all qualified as Microsoft Certified Educators.

Teachers at The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London are embracing the very latest in education technology after being accredited by Microsoft.

Eighteen teaching staff at the College were among the first to qualify as Microsoft Certified Educators (MCE) this summer. The MCE course provides teachers with the skills and knowledge on how to use new computer technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Staff from all areas of the College, including computing, construction, hair and beauty, creative and media, sport and teacher education, studied for the accreditation.

The course looked at how new software can be used to produce more creative presentations to support learning in the classroom, as well as how existing applications can be used to monitor and assess students’ progress.

Head of Hair and Beauty Ann Atkin said: “I found the course informative and instructive, with practical solutions using ICT to give students the 21st century skills needed for today’s economy”.

“MCE showed me how to use Movie Maker, AutoCollage, and Picture Manager to create compelling lessons, and support students in their own studies.”

GCSE English Teacher Pamela Dheer added: ““Using IT is a great way for teachers to bring subjects to life. The MCE course gave me an insight into how I can embed technology in the classroom and make learning more engaging and interactive for my students, also helping my students in creating their own presentations.

Kurt Hintz, Vice Principal for Curriculum and Learner Experience, congratulated the teachers achieving the MCE accreditation.

He said: “The College is training all our teachers to achieve the MCE qualification, which ensures they are well-equipped to deliver high quality e-learning to students. We are very proud of our first graduates of the programme.”

MCE 2 copy copyAmanda Smith, Claire Jaggard, Sarah Shucksmith, Mario Amico, Nike Adenle, Oya Karabetca, and Jolanta Sostakiene all qualified as Microsoft Certified Educators.