It’s easy to assume that GCSEs are just another way for your school to give you more work and more exams, but the truth is your GCSEs are crucial to helping you succeed later in life. It’s not just the ability to total up your monthly bills without a calculator or put together a well written cover letter when applying for a job that makes them a crucial part of your life. They act as a gateway to gaining the necessary qualifications you will need to pursue your dream career. However, if you haven’t got the GCSE qualifications you need to get on to your chosen course, don’t panic. At the College of North London Enfield and Haringey, we can support you through GCSE retakes to make sure you have all the relevant skills to pursue further education.

What you can do with GCSEs

All of our vocational courses require GCSE level qualifications, so if you’ve found a course that suits you but don’t have the grades you need to start, we can put you in touch with the department to make sure you’re in the right place to retake your GCSEs. Once you’ve retaken your exams and achieved a Grade C in English and Maths you can look forward to a career in a number of areas.

A recent ruling means that you can’t work in any childcare setting without Maths and English GCSEs at Grade C or above. This applies to most of our health and social care courses, so if you’re interested in working in a nursery, your best bet is to sign up to our English Language and Literacy GCSE course  or a Maths GCSE course depending on your needs.

A great way to learn crucial skills while working on the job is to get an apprenticeship, and at CONEL we pride ourselves in a successful apprenticeship program that matches employers with apprenticeships that perfectly suit their needs. More often than not this means students with good GCSE qualifications. Remember the ability to achieve GCSE pass grades doesn’t only indicate how much you know about that subject, it’s a good sign of your ability to apply yourself, learn new things and keep calm under the pressure of an exam; all traits any employer would look for in an apprentice.

What do I need to do to retake my GCSEs at CONEL

Depending on your existing level of study there are two different options for retaking your GCSEs. If you have a D grade in Maths and/or English you will take a year-long course to re sit the exams to achieve a grade C or above.

If you currently have an E grade or below you will need to complete a functional skills course in Maths and/or English until you are ready for GCSE study. By approaching the course in this way, we can make sure your time is spent wisely and you can enhance your skills before you are put under the pressure of a GCSE exam before you are fully ready.

Why your GCSE studies at CONEL will be different

If you’ve attempted GCSEs in the past and not achieved the results you hoped for, you may question why studying with us will be different. At CONEL, the success of our students is the same as the success of the college, and we pride ourselves in supporting our students all the way through to a successful pass and beyond.

Not to mention the fact our results are something to be proud of; GCSE Maths students this year achieved a 93% pass rate, and as our own Vice Principal for Curriculum and Learner Experience, Kurt Hintz says, “Good GCSE results in English and maths are extremely important to gain places on apprenticeships or in higher education and employment.” Apply for one of our GCSE English or Maths courses today for more information and guidance on the right path for you.



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