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Here's what 10 of our apprentices had to say about Apprenticeships and training at CONEL.

Bolanle Lawal

"The Apprenticeship has been very good in relating what I have been learning at the College to what I am doing at work every day. The tutors cover every aspect of the subject and have always been very helpful and supportive. I am now studying for my Level 4.

Bolanle Lawal - Accountancy Apprentice

Georgia Hughes

“Halfway through my A-levels I decided to do an Apprenticeship. I felt that I learnt better doing something practical rather than from a book. I am doing my apprenticeship at North Middlesex Hospital and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been able to get hands on experience and understand hospital protocols and the way the different roles work with each other. Doing an Apprenticeship was the best decision I ever made. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Georgia Hughes - Clinical Care Apprentice

Fahim Ahmed

“I believe Apprenticeships provide more paths to your end goal, as you can go from apprentice to permanent role, or go onto university with the Level 3 qualification. That is one of the reasons why I chose to go with this brilliant Apprenticeship. To be working at King’s College, a prestigious and historical university for my first ever job is just great.”

Fahim Ahmed - ICT and Computing Apprentice

Gifty Ameka

“I had a fantastic experience. It really broadened my knowledge and gave me confidence working with people with learning disabilities and in mental health. I had excellent teaching and was encouraged to express my views.”

Gifty Ameka - Health and Social Care Apprentice

Elwinus Leon

“I am currently working at Old Vinyl Factory site in Hayes. I am from the Caribbean where a skilled profession is highly valued. I chose the Apprenticeship route in order to learn and gain hands on experience in the industry. Being able to earn and learn without getting into debt is definitely the best option for me. Apprenticeships are the way forward and I would recommend anyone to go for it.”

Elwinus Leon - Construction Apprentice

Arthi Mahinda

“I was studying my A-Levels and had applied to university when I heard about Apprenticeships. After doing some research I found it a fantastic option because you can work, get paid and get work experience, all whilst getting an education. Work experience these days is so crucial when looking for a job.”

Arthi Mahinda - Accounting Apprentice

Pat Akwenuke

“My Apprenticeship equipped me for my role as a nursery manager and I am now sending my own staff to CONEL for their training. My teachers had a lot of experience and could see my passion and believed in me, which gave me a lot of confidence and prepared me for working in childcare. The quality of the training and support from my tutors at the College really helped me in getting to where I am today. “

Pat Akwenuke – Childcare and Early Years Apprentice

Aron Flora

“I felt that going to university wasn’t an option for me because I didn’t want to be in debt, which is why I chose an Apprenticeship. I prefer learning on the job and getting hands on experience. I’ve learnt so much in the past few months at Winchmore School that I know I wouldn’t have learnt in classes alone. I’m learning new things every day both at college and at work.”

Arun Flora - ICT and Computing Apprentice

Hanneke Kloot-Nwoke

“Working and studying at the same time gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and put what you have learnt into practice, and understand what is required of you. If anyone asked me if they should do an Apprenticeship, I’d recommend it.”

Hanneke Kloot-Nwoke - Health and Social Care Apprentice

Krishan Tailor

“I love solving problems and learn more by doing something, which is why I chose to do an Apprenticeship. I realise how lucky I am to get the opportunity of an apprenticeship with Siemens. Our tutors don’t just explain what the equipment or tool is for, but make sure you are using it correctly and about any hazards, which is all knowledge you can bring back to the workplace.”

Krishan Tailor - Engineering Apprentice

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