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Level 3 Creative Media students from the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London boosted their knowledge on using digital skills on (Monday 6 March) in a workshop with strategic digital technology firm Accenture.

The workshop, organised by the College’s Enrichment Service, is the first in a series of pilot digital skills workshops to help learners develop their knowledge of their digital environment and teaches them how to become digital producers and not just digital users. The interactive online course will cover five areas; Digital fundamentals, Digital marketing, Social media, Analytics and User experience.

Focussing specifically on how digital media is impacting on business and the value it can bring, workshop leader, Pedro Phinn from East London Business Alliance said, “Today is all about how to think differently and become creators and innovators. We’re trying to create an awareness of the digital landscape and applying that knowledge to business. New jobs are being created everyday based in the digital world and there is a skills gap that employers look to young people to fill. Today is all about closing that gap for CONEL students. After all, digital skills are the new employability skills.”

Level 3 Creative Media student, Valza Emini said “I’ve learnt a lot today and it’s been really motivational. It’s made me think differently about the way I use digital media and how it’s the future. There are a lot of career options that I hadn’t considered.”

Ali Penjam Nasab added “There’s a lot of things about social media that I didn’t know before such as how it’s used for e-commerce. It has a big impact on the things people buy and even the way that they think. I’m really interested in creating video content and hadn’t thought about approaching companies to see if I can utilise this skill to get paid. It’s definitely a career option I will be looking in to further.”

Curriculum Manager for Computing, Creative and Media Sharon Wallace said we value providing these experience for our students. For us, employability is key and the creative media sector and skills provides endless opportunities for work. Students need to realise the monetary value in the skills they are learning with us. These workshops will help them do so.

If you would like to find out more about Creative and Media courses at CONEL College, please click here.

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