Marcia SummersCONEL director Marcia Summers is ‘proud to work for an organisation that pays its employees fairly’.

An independent report has found the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL) offers equal pay to both men and women.

The report commissioned by the College and conducted by employment lawyers Menzies Law found that the average hourly gender pay gap was 0%.

Auditors praised CONEL, describing this figure as “something to be proud of” with the UK national average for full-time standing at 18.1% employees, and 12.4% for the education sector.

The report, which looked into pay of nearly 500 staff, read: “The median gender pay gap figure suggests you are exposed to a very low risk of equal pay claims.”

Marcia Summers, Director of Technical Industries and Skills for Life, joined CONEL in 2016 having spent most of her career in the education sector.

She said: “In a world where inequality exists in many forms I feel proud to work for an organisation which pays its employees fairly whatever their gender.

“CONEL is a great place to work, not just because of its equal pay treatment but because it’s truly representative as an organisation of its local community and does not judge or discriminate against any minority group.

“I love working at CONEL as it is a vibrant, well-organised, professional and friendly. It’s a college which focuses on improving learner success in the ever changing climate of Further Education.

“CONEL enables me to continue to develop as a manager/leader by giving me regular, varied and new opportunities and challenges which keeps me interested and motivated.’

The report made several recommendations to the College relating to recruitment, reviewing pay gaps, developing policies, further analysis and equality.

Geoff Mitchell, Director of Human Resources, said: “This report highlights the fact that here at CONEL we are committed to ensuring equal pay among our staff, regardless of gender or background.

“We’re delighted to have 0% average hourly pay gap and take great pride in knowing that we’re so far ahead of most of the sector in terms of equality among our employees.”

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