ApprenticeshipsJack Dewhurst secured a job after completing an apprenticeship after his A-levels.

A newly qualified apprentice has told why he chose an apprenticeship over going to university after finishing his A-levels.

Jack Dewhurst, 20, secured a job as a Digital Marketing Executive at Capital City College Group (CCCG) after completing an apprenticeship in digital marketing this summer.

Despite offers from several universities, he opted for an apprenticeship at the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL) with Westminster Kingsway College, both part of CCCG.

“For me, the main benefit of an apprenticeship is getting the qualifications while gaining the experience,” said Jack.

“You’re always going to need that piece of paper to say what you can do, but the practical experience you get on an apprenticeship on a professional level and confidence level is something else.

“You’re earning money as well, which has let me go on holidays and to festivals, which maybe people at university can’t afford, and at the end of it I didn’t have any debt.”

During his apprenticeship Jack gained skills in other aspects of marketing and the opportunity to study a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing at Level 5.

“I’ve learnt how to work with people in a professional environment, run different marketing campaigns and manage time and expectations by adapting and prioritising my work,” he said.

“No two days have been the same. I’m constantly doing something different and I really enjoy that. It’s really motivational and I’m always learning, which at my age is important.

 “You’re also working with people who have been in the game for 10-plus years and doing the job day in day out, rather than lecturers who just know the theory.

“By the time my friends get out of university I’ll have had two and a half years’ work experience, an apprenticeship and a Level 5 qualification.

“I’m not taking anything away from university. It’s right for a lot of people and a lot of professions – I couldn’t do an apprenticeship and become a doctor, but for what I wanted to do this was the right route for me.”

Jack has no regrets choosing an apprenticeship over university and has the following advice for school-leavers considering the next step in their education.

“Think about what you want to do as a career and think about who you are and how you learn, and for some people university will be the right option. For me, apprenticeships give you that edge when it comes to experience employers are going to be looking for.

 “With a degree you’ve proved you can pass the test, with an apprenticeship you’ve proved you can do the job.”

Capital City College Training (CCCT) is the training arm of CCCG and offers one of the largest ranges of apprenticeships in London, training more than 3,000 apprentices each year.

Call 020 8442 3442 or click here for more information on apprenticeships with CCCT.

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