Free courses result in record numbers of people enrolling at North London’s leading college.

As the academic year gets under way, leading London college CONEL (The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London) are celebrating record student enrolments across both its sites, in Tottenham and Enfield – thanks to the college’s innovative free courses for students who want to study at Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 (Level 2 is equivalent to a GCSE, intermediate apprenticeship or a Level 2 National Vocational Qualification) regardless of their age or income.

As of 26 September, one third more people than last year had enrolled on a course at CONEL.


With the highest student satisfaction rates of any College in England in 2016/17, CONEL offers full and part-time courses for young people and adults of all ages, plus apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships. Subjects range from Accounting, Business and ICT, to Construction and Engineering, as well as English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), English, Maths, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy, as well as Sport and Fitness and Travel and Tourism… and more besides.  Every year, they give thousands of local people the skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed at work or progress to university.

Someone already benefiting from a free CONEL course is Adam Sullivan, 33, who enrolled on our free evening bricklaying course last year. Adam has worked in road construction for several years and is keen to move into the building trade. “I wanted to decide what I was interested in rather than diving straight into a course, which can be quite expensive,” he said. “Having a course in the evening meant I could fit it around my work as well.”

CONEL Principal Kurt Hintz said:

“Our college serves Tottenham and Enfield – wonderful areas, but which are also home to some of London’s most deprived communities. Many local families are struggling and when in work it’s often low paid, part-time and insecure. Our research tells us that for many local people, cost is the biggest barrier to them coming to college.

“We know that one of the very best ways to get a job, or a better one, is to boost your skills. Given this, and the real money pressures that many local people face, we’re offering all our entry level, level 1 and level 2 courses free of charge. We were the first London college to do this, and that’s why hundreds more people from our local communities than ever before want to come to CONEL. The big rise in enrolments shows the great impact that free courses are having on local people – giving them more opportunities to boost their skills and get ahead. It also shows that the appetite for learning is as strong as ever.”

Sonja Camara works for 4U2 Newsmag, a community news magazine that serves Haringey. She has worked with many local people who have studied at CONEL and is full of praise for CONEL and its free courses offer.  She said: “People on low incomes have always struggled to pay for further education – it’s a real barrier to getting back into education after school.  But as well as education, a lot of people on lower incomes are isolated and alone, which has a real impact on them and on society too.

“Making courses free encourages more local people to come to college. So, they can get out of the house and make friends as well as learning new skills. It’s a real platform for people to get on, get a job or start a small business to provide for their families.”

So, if college fees were holding you back from embarking on your dream career, you can now get the skills that you need for your future at CONEL. Visit to find out more and enrol today.