CONEL Creative HubCreative and Media students produced a festive show as part of the new CONEL Creative Hub.

A Christmas variety show was the first videos produced by a group of students who are part of a new creative hub at the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL).

The Hub has been set up enable students to enhance the skills, knowledge and expertise they need to work in the media and gaming industries.

It includes a production company to offer real work experience and skills workshops along with networking and other events to give students more opportunities for their chosen careers.

This festive show at CONEL’s Tottenham Centre on 20 December featured chat, live music and games including wrapping presents while blindfolded and eating the most doughnuts in a minute.

CONEL Creative HubStudents scripted, presented, filmed and live edited the show.

The group scripted the show and decided on the running order and then used three cameras, sound equipment and an app called Live:Air Action to live edit the show with others taking on roles as presenters.

Vytaute Lukauskyte, 18, and  Elod Szarvas-Kovecsi, 22, who are both studying for a Techincal Diploma in Digital Media Production Level 2, were involved in the production.

Vytaute, who directed the show, said: “It was the first time we had done a live event. I wrote the script, planned how the set would look and made sure all the cameras and everyone were in the right place at the right time.

“It was quite stressful and a real test of my organisation skills. There is always room for improvement and I have learnt from it so I can do better.

“The teachers here are always there to support you and the College has all the equipment you need to learn the skills for your future career.” 

Elod, 22, who co-presented the show, said: “There were some last minute changes to the script and it was quite loud so I had to stay calm and improvise.

“I really enjoy the way we are taught at CONEL. The teachers take care of you. You get to actually practice what you study so you know how to use the skills you’ve learnt in real life.”

CONEL offers courses in Media Production, Games Design and Music from Levels 1 to 4.

Sharon Wallace, Curriculum Manager for Creative and Media, said: “The live show was part of a series of events we have organised as part of the CONEL Creative Hub.

“To date we have also put on four successful workshops run by media professionals to develop skills needed in the industry today and beyond, such as social media marketing, pod-casting, games, film, animation and radio production.

“This has been achieved through our links with companies such as The Third Floor and BBC Podcasting who will be working with us again in the New Year.”

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