Not feeling she was suitable for traditional A Levels, Kamaria Baker-Martin came to the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL) to do a BTEC in Sports and Exercise Science

Kamaria wants to be a physiotherapist and for her, studying a BTEC at CONEL has many advantages. As Kamaria explained: I don’t enjoy exams, so I decided to do a BTEC because it’s coursework based. The physiotherapy courses that I have applied for at university are mainly coursework based too.”

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As well as better preparing her for university, Kamaria loves the independence and freedom that the college offers over sixth form and she also enjoys the smaller class sizes and the amount of support that students receive at CONEL. She said: “The environment here is different to secondary school because we work more together, there is more help from staff and classes are smaller, this means we have more one to one support.

“My teachers picked up on my dyslexia and had me screened. This would never have happened at school. A lot of us at secondary school slipped through the net, meaning we didn’t get extra time in exams when we should have. I now get additional help here if ever I need it.

“We have to do lots of our research independently on this course which teaches us how to do this in preparation for university. My assignments are always on time and I get distinctions. I’m really happy here.”

In addition to amazing support in the classroom, there are also a number of extra-curriculum opportunities that CONEL offers.  The college has a number of sports academies who compete at a very high level and even offer opportunities to go on international trips like our recent undefeated football trip to Spain.

If like Kamaria you are considering a career in the sport and leisure sector, you are probably curious to know how much you’d earn in your dream job. Here’s a guide to how much you could be earning in the following roles:

  • Health and Fitness Instructors: Hourly Pay £10.59, Weekly Pay £360, Annual Pay £18,720
  • Sports Development Officer: Hourly Pay £11.25, Weekly Pay £405, Annual Pay £21,060
  • Sports Coach: Hourly Pay £13.53, Weekly Pay £460, Annual Pay £23,920
  • Leisure Centre Managers and Assistant: Hourly Pay £15.00, Weekly Pay £600, Annual Pay £31,200

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