Akilesh came to the College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London (CONEL) after scouring local college websites on completing his GCSEs. He popped along to an open day and spoke to teachers in the engineering department who were extremely helpful.

Akilesh loves his Railway Engineering course and has already had practical experience out on the tracks. His class are a tight knit bunch who can have fun together but also take their work very seriously, he feels that his course has really opened doors for him.

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Akilesh said: “It’s really good, it opens doors for the future. We learn a lot about metals, health and safety, electrical engineering, using saws and cutting metals themselves.  I worked on the track when I was doing a practical lesson, learning how to dig and take out the tracks. The tracks get too hot in the summer and deform, so you have to learn how to remove them.

“You still have to learn maths and science as it’s part of the engineering course, but it’s not those subjects on their own that you’re learning about, it’s how the maths and science connect with engineering and how relevant they are to it.”

CONEL runs acclaimed courses in Railway Engineering and Akilesh was very excited to jump on board. The training programmes are designed to give students everything they need to know, to get work in the rail industry.

Akilesh went on to say, “I think that people are here to learn. Sometimes in class you can go off topic but you have to make sure you bring yourself back. Everyone has fun at times but you have to be responsible.  When you work on the railway, you have to be on time, there are strict rules. It’s serious stuff. You have to be aware. Communication and connection with the people you work with is very important as it is a dangerous environment.

“The teachers are really kind here, I’m really happy I took the course, it was the right choice, I’m doing something good for my future. Engineering is needed all around the world, which means there are lots of opportunities in it.

“CONEL showed me that by doing something practical, it could open doors for me. Not everyone is right for university and coming here has shown me that.”

If you’d like to pursue a career in engineering, you’re probably wondering how much you can expect to earn. If you successfully complete an engineering course at CONEL, you could land roles such as:

  • Mechanical Engineer: Annual Pay £39,000
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineers: Annual Pay £32,240


Here are the top benefits of studying an engineering course at CONEL College:

  • The progression to university from engineering courses is very strong.
  • Our engineering courses offer constructive, supportive and timely feedback, which helps students improve quickly.
  • Progress in workshops and classrooms shows most students will go on to achieve success in their preferred engineering career path.
  • Students take pride in their work and become confident and self-assured as they learn.

We also offer Engineering Apprenticeships at CONEL. If you want to start earning and get qualified, an apprenticeship can offer you the best of both worlds. Apprenticeships offer a fantastic way to earn while you learn. You'll get a job with a salary while studying for a qualification and receive practical, on-the-job work experience at the same time.

Want to start your Engineering career path right? Your journey starts here: https://www.conel.ac.uk/courses/engineering.html

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