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The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London is celebrating after a successful Ofsted visit, placing it amongst the highest-performing colleges in London. The report, published last week on the Ofsted website (18 April), judged the College to be good or outstanding across all areas.

With just two days' notice to prepare, the week-long visit (10 – 14 March) saw eleven inspectors rigorously scrutinise most aspects of College life. They observed lessons and talked to students, managers, teachers, governors, support staff and visited Apprentices and employers.

Inspectors were impressed with the College's high results across the board, the good teaching, learning and assessment where teachers use technology well to teach lively and interesting lessons, the high expectations teachers have for themselves and their learners, the very good support the College gives to students, the good use of work experience to gain additional qualifications and more.....

In their April report, Inspectors praise the College's 'very welcoming, friendly and lively environment in which learners from a wide range of diverse backgrounds enjoy their learning and their social interactions.'

'Learners are confident and articulate and clearly the vast majority of them enjoy their time at College and make good or very good progress in lessons. They are well behaved and staff and learners have successfully created an environment where respect for each other is expected...'

'Learners feel very safe in both centres.'

'The proportion of learners who successfully complete their courses has risen significantly since the last inspection and is often high...... these improvements are evident for both younger and older learners studying on all levels of courses. There are no significant gaps in performance between male and female learners or between learners from different ethnic heritages.'

'Support and guidance are very effective and make a strong contribution to the improvements in learners' success, both in gaining their qualifications and moving on to further study and employment.'

"In most lessons, teachers' planning and enthusiasm ensure that learners develop knowledge and skills that prepare them well for work or study."

"Many students progress into employment or further study when they leave the college. The college has detailed information about the destinations of the majority of students..."

Ofsted highlighted outstanding features such as:

Outstanding provision in Business Finance and Accounting Apprenticeships where, 'Teaching learning and assessment are outstanding, reflecting the excellent progress that apprentices make in developing workplace and personal skills and gaining their qualifications.'

Inspectors also singled out the College's management, which was rated as Outstanding.

'Senior managers and governors provide exceptionally good leadership to raise standards and fulfil the college's strategic aims.'

'Leaders and managers have taken exceptionally effective action to bring about improvements in the quality of provision, and have high expectations of teachers and learners. They encourage them to aim high and celebrate success...'

'...improved relationships with a wider range of partners and created a course offering that better serves the needs of local communities...'

'...the College has played a key role in the regeneration of the local area.'

Particular praise was given to the College's 'successful partnerships with Jobcentre Plus (which) results in the recruitment of very high numbers of learners who make good progress towards qualifications that enhance greatly their prospects of employment.'

Jane O'Neill Interim Principal and Chief Executive, said: "Our significant improvement is a major ongoing journey that includes the whole College, partnerships and communities."

The successful Ofsted report comes at a truly exciting time for the College of Haringey Enfield and North East London. Its Tottenham Centre is at the centre of the next chapter in London's regeneration story. It has excellent transport links and is at the heart of the Upper Lee Valley where thousands of new homes are planned and the area is already seeing the benefit of a £1billion plus public and private investment that is transforming the area.

Tottenham Centre is also home to a busy state-of-the-art commercial Hair and Beauty salon and excellent Construction workshops.

Enfield Centre has seen the completion of a Learner Hub offering extensive support to all learners and a new Construction Centre as part of the College's £13million plan for renewal and refurbishment. The Centre has specialist accommodation for work-related areas, such as, Hairdressing and Beauty salons, information and technology suites, cutting-edge Music and Media facilities, Science laboratories and Sports facilities, including a fantastic outdoor sports space.

The College is currently investing a further £3.3million in a new Sports Centre and Library at Enfield, which will be ready with perfect timing for students enrolling in September 2014.

College Interim Principal and Chief Executive, Jane O'Neill says: "We want to make sure that our Sports and Learning facilities are exceptional, ensuring that we become the College of first choice for all learners living in Haringey and Enfield."

The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London offers a huge range of courses. Whether you are just starting out and looking for a full time course or maybe an apprenticeship, need to make up for missed opportunities – perhaps due to redundancy, looking for career advancement or maybe you are an employer looking to upskill your workforce, we have something for you.

Our courses range from Entry level to Apprenticeships and Higher Education. To find out which courses the College offers, click on this link.

And, don't just take the College's word for it that it is good!

Click on this link to read what Ofsted says about The College of Haringey, Enfield and North East London. You can read the full report (published, 18 April 2014) on the Ofsted website.

Quotes from the Ofsted Report (April 2014) on each subject area inspected

Business Management

'Business management learners enjoy their lessons and learn well because of the good teaching they receive. The proportion of learners who are successful in their qualifications has been steadily rising and is now well above national averages for similar colleges. Learners make good progress developing their technical knowledge and skills, which are closely aligned to employers' needs, and include wider skills such as team work, communication, negotiation, independent study and personal confidence.'

Childcare and Early Years

'The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good. This is reflected in the high proportion of learners and Apprentices who successfully complete their courses.'

'Learners enjoy their studies and make good progress. They become self-confident, independent learners who develop a range of skills essential for employment...'


'Teaching, learning and assessment are good. These, together with the excellent support for learners, combine to produce very high success rates on most courses. The proportion of learners successfully completing Diploma (BTEC) programmes at all levels is well above national averages for similar colleges...'

Learners make very good progress through science courses. Many of them start at foundation level and around two thirds of these learners carry on studying through intermediate level and on to an advanced course. The majority of learners on advanced diploma and Access courses move on to higher education. A large proportion of the remaining learners enter employment.'

Sport, Travel and Tourism

'Teaching, learning and assessment are good which closely reflects the high proportion of learners achieving their qualifications. Standards of work and the progress learners make are good. Learners demonstrate good leadership skills, are confident, work well in teams and thoroughly enjoy their lessons.'

'Teachers are good at making learning a socially interactive and collaborative process.'

Foundation English

'The large number of learners whose first language is not English gain confidence in improving their fluency in spoken English and they are articulate in describing their good progress in developing a more in-depth knowledge and wider vocabulary.'

Hair and Beauty and Creative

'Learners in Media, and in Hair and Beauty have won awards and commendations in regional and national competitions.'

'In a hairdressing lesson, learners who had been asked to be 'salon managers' evaluated their role and could say confidently how they would improve their work.'

The quality of teaching, learning and assessment

'Good use of work experience and enrichment activities as part of their study programmes helps learners to gain additional qualifications and develop their personal and vocational skills.'

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Caption: Enfield Centre Park Building (left), Link Building (centre) and Kingfisher House (right).

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