If you are a student of CONEL and submit a valid referral between 23rd September and 22nd October 2021 you will be included in our “Refer a Friend” referral scheme and eligible for a £50 Gift Card, subject to the General Refer a Friend Scheme Terms and Conditions below.

General Refer a Friend Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions

1. The Refer a Friend scheme is open to existing students at the College of Haringey Enfield and North East London (CONEL)

2. To make a valid referral, you must complete the Refer a Friend card and give to a member of the Enrolment Team

3. Referrals will only be eligible if the referred learner is not already a student or applied to CONEL

4. There is only one reward for each Referred Friend

5. If a Referred Friend is sent by multiple referrers, whichever referrer submitted the referral first will be deemed as the referrer

6. To constitute a successful referral, the referred friend must enrol on a full or part time course (more than 10 weeks), sign a learner agreement and attend for the first six weeks

7. There is no limit to the number of friends a referrer can refer to CONEL

8. The Referrer may be named in communication between CONEL and the Referred Learner

9. The Gift Card will only be issued for valid referrals, once the new learner has successfully attended for six weeks

10. The Gift Card will be issued after the referred learner has completed the six weeks

11. There is no cash alternative for the Refer a Friend scheme, subject to availability CONEL can change the value of the gift card or replace the gift card with an alternative

12. The Refer a Friend referral scheme is available to UK residents only

13. In the event of any disputes, the company/organisation of the decision of Refer a Friend is final

14. In the event of a referrer not receiving a referral fee, a claim must be raised for consideration to within 30 days of the learner completing their six week attendance

15. Referral leads must close within 90 days of the submission date. Referrals which do not become learners within this date will not be eligible for a referral fee.

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