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Introduction to the course

This is a course which offers a realistic, industry based package of transferrable skills. You will focus on different areas of the creative media industry that employers and companies have identified as desirable skills in employees. No matter which group you study in, your skills will be focused on practical projects and development of relevant theory.

Each project will offer a focused study into an important area of the industry. The idea behind this course to provide learners with the strongest opportunity for employment and provide skills that can be applied in all areas of media, film photography and sound.

We believe that it is important to support you so that you can pursue a future in creative media production, so the course will include helping you to improve and develop your communication skills with additional GCSE English and Maths where appropriate if you have progressed from a lower level vocational course. If you are coming directly from school you must have GCSE English language at grade C. You will receive group and individual tutorial support to keep you on track and if needed additional learning support is available.

You will also develop skills in the following subject area:

  • Pre-Production Techniques for the Creative Media sector

  • Research Techniques for Creative Media Industries

  • Digital Graphics for Print

  • Page Layout and Design

  • Film and Video Editing

  • Multi-Camera Techniques

  • Digital Image Capture and

  • Soundtrack Production for the Moving Image

  • Music-based Programming

What do I need?

4 GCSE’s at grade A - C or above or a Media Level 2 qualification.

How is the course taught?

Through class room teaching, practical activities and course work and research.

  • Motivated in following a vocational programme of study

  • Demonstrate a commitment to working towards goals with your tutor

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed continually through practical project work, coursework, written assignments and presentations.

What does it lead to?

This qualification leads to:

  • Employment

  • Progression to our HNC/HND courses

  • Progression to a degree programme at university.

Employer's Benefit

Strong range of work ready skills to produce content for Web, Animation and Video production.

Course Details

Location Start Date - End Date - Study Mode
Tottenham Centre 3 Sep 2018 - 5 Jul 2019 - Daytime

Course Code: DP3MCMP1 / 18DA11A

Information on course fees

If you are aged 16 - 18:
Courses are free up to Level 3

If you are over 18, fees may apply:
If you are over 18, fees may apply. Click here for information on financial help available to you.

If you are aged 24+ click here for information on financial help available to you. This course is eligible for a loan.

Information on how to apply
Apply here

What are the levels?



Mitchell Brice

I am now working in the media industry and have worked on the latest MIA music video. I am keen to take my career international, and am hoping to work on productions in Europe and the US.

Mitchell Brice Media Production Level 2 and 3

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How to apply

Thanks for your interest in applying. Choose a level of course from the options on the left for more information and to complete your application.

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Entry Level

This level will help you to develop general skills and improve your confidence if you do not have any experience or GCSEs. It will improve your basic reading, number skills and English language skills

What do I need?

Qualifications you can achieve:

Your next choices:


Level 1

This level will give you a good basic knowledge and understanding of the subject area. This level will develop your functional skills and give you some work experience.

What do I need?

Qualifications you can achieve:

Your next choices:


Level 2

This level will give you a deeper understanding of the subject area. This is a good level of education for employment and will improve your problem solving skills and increase your resourcefulness. This level is often the minimum requirement for employers.

What do I need?

Qualifications you can achieve:

Your next choices:


Level 3

This level gives you a thorough and developed understanding of the subject area. This level will give you experience in problem-solving, managing a workload and adapting your skills to achieve your objectives. This level is the minimum requirement when applying to universities and is the preferred requirement for most employers.

What do I need?

Qualifications you can achieve:

Your next choices:


Level 4 and Above

This level involves extensive studying and can help to make you a specialist in your field of learning or work.

What do I need?

Qualifications you can achieve:

Your next choices: